We take pride in our work at Louie Italian Restaurant, we expose the secret to the best of food, here’s how: when you love and like the best of food with all of your heart, you live for it, you die for it and that’s how we find happiness when you get to experience the best of food.



Festivals and Galas

At Louie Italian Restaurant we baked our bread every 30 min and our food is all authentic food, with all this said, it means that we have no microwaves and all of our food is fresh delivered from your meat selection to your fresh produce.

Special Events

This is the place that our customers and neighbors are highly recommending that is the best inviting atmosphere, best priced menu, amazing wine list and friendly service. It’s the type of place that you can bring your party, family gathering or friend`s to share a special event or just a place to have the best of Lunch or Dinner Party.

Book your party now with in 48 hour in advance and we also will be glad to create your special event menu, we work on your budget, call us to find out the discount that we offer for party for 15 or more.

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